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Thank you for considering volunteering at California Botanic Garden.
Your valuable time is appreciated!

NOTICE: As of july 2022, we are putting a temporary pause on NEW Volunteer applications.

We will update this page with more information when we are ready to accept applications again. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Volunteers are vital to the life, health and advancement of the mission of California Botanic Garden (CalBG) to grow, display, study and conserve California’s native plants. CalBG volunteers work inside or outdoors, help maintain the Garden’s grounds, help staff during special events, lead tours for the public, assist development and communication staff reach out to the public—just to name a few opportunities.
The staff of CalBG appreciate our volunteers immensely. We strive to provide interesting ways for volunteers to invest their skills and expertise in worthwhile work, and we offer frequent opportunities for learning new skills, acquiring new knowledge, meeting new friends and participating in new and exciting experiences. Volunteers contribute service to CalBG in a wide variety of ways. Some volunteers contribute time on a regular basis, while others volunteer in a less-structured or scheduled manner. New projects and special events arise on an ongoing basis. We endeavor to keep Volunteers informed so they can expand their involvement and get to know other areas of the Garden. Placements are made based on individual Volunteer interests, schedules, and abilities, as well as the current and most pressing needs of the Garden.

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Being an active member (eligible for formal service recognition)
of the Volunteer Organization has three requirements:


Becoming a member of CalBG (visit https://www.calbg.org/support/membership for information), which permits free access to the Garden even when not volunteering. There are many levels of membership to choose from, including $50 individual membership or $85 family membership. (*The membership requirement is waived for full time student.)


Completing the New Volunteer Orientation Course, "CalBG 101." This is our basic training for new volunteers. It provides an overview of the Garden, its mission and its programs, services, departments and activities. It offers insight into the many ways you can get involved as a volunteer, and gives you the chance to meet and connect with Garden staff members and fellow new volunteers. You'll be contacted about the next CalBG 101 after turning in a Volunteer Application.


Contributing a suggested 40 hours per year.
All CalBG volunteers are required to be members of the Garden, but it may be possible for you to begin volunteering without completing the formal training course or committing to 40 hours a year. This will be determined on an individual basis where appropriate or necessary. Volunteers are only eligible for the formal service recognition (including awards and pins at our annual Volunteer Appreciation Dinner) if you complete the training and contribute 40 hours or more per year. Regardless of your availability, we encourage you to get involved in some way! California Botanic Garden seeks volunteers to take on roles that include gardening, leading tours and serving as information assistants. We have volunteer opportunities for people with various interests and abilities.
Volunteering is a great way to meet new friends, earn community service credits, protect your local environment, increase your knowledge of native plants and help maintain and enhance on of Southern California's great treasures: California Botanic Garden. CalBG is the largest botanic garden dedicated to California native plants, promoting botany, conservation and horticulture to inspire, inform and educate the public and scientific community about California's native flora.