Collections Connection

Educational resources using collections-based science

The Collections Connection is an online educational resource to guide student participants in building knowledge of California native plants and collections-based science as a means to provide educational opportunities in biodiversity science and inspire students to contemplate careers in disciplines relevant to plant science and natural history collections. These modules are relevant to both undergraduate and high school students. We invite students and educators to utilize these resources in your classrooms and curricula.

Module 1: 
Plants in a Changing World: California Diversity, Species Distributions, and Climate Change

Through this video students can explore the incredible plant diversity of California, one of the world’s 36 biodiversity hotspots, and how climate change may threaten our state's native diversity. The accompanying exercise utilizes the Garden's Herbarium specimens and various mapping resources to examine characteristics of several native plants, map their distributions, and through modeling approaches, determine how climate change may influence future distributions and diversity.

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Module 1 Exercise: California Diversity, Species Distributions, and Climate Change