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The Research Department hosts a seminar series that feature speakers on a wide range of topics in evolutionary biology and ecology.

Seminars are open to all and held on select Thursdays at 4:00 pm during the Fall and Spring semesters of the academic year.

Please check-in at the Kiosk and tell Admissions staff that you are here for the seminar. You will be admitted at no charge and directed to the venue. Out of respect for seminar speakers and to limit disruptions, guests of the Botany Seminar Series will not be admitted to the Garden after 4:00 pm. 

Courtney Matzke: Master's Thesis Presentation




Courtney Matzke (CalBG/CGU graduate student) defends her master's thesis with a talk entitled:

Vascular Floristic Study of the Piute Mountains, Kern County, California

This study describes the vascular flora of the Piute Mountains, located at the southern terminus of the Sierra Nevada in Kern County, California. The study area covers ca. 543 square km (210 square mi), with elevations ranging from 777 m (2,550 ft) to 2,562 m (8,406 ft) at Piute Peak. Though situated in the Sierra Nevada ecoregion, it lies near the Mojave Desert, Central Valley, and southern California mountains, resulting in a highly diverse, unique flora with plant taxa from each of these regions co-occurring. It encompasses varied topography with an assortment of geologic features including gabbro, mafic-volcanic greenstone, schist-gneiss, limestone and granite. While there was no prior checklist of the range, numerous botanists have showed interest in the area resulting in 1,955 historical collections representing 704 minimum-rank taxa (species, subspecies, varieties, named hybrids). Despite the previous botanical work, there were large spatial and temporal gaps in the collection history of the Piute Mountains, and many species collected in the past had not been recently documented. Field work for this study was conducted between March and September in both 2022 and 2023, totaling 98 days of field work, 1,857 voucher collections, and 909 minimum-rank taxa in 96 families. This study resulted in 205 taxa that were previously undocumented in the range, including seven Kern County records, numerous range extensions, and the discovery of Lasthenia glabrata subsp. coulteri (CRPR 1B.1) which had no prior records in the Piute Mountains area. A concise review of the natural history of the area is presented including geology, climate, human activity, botanical history, and a description of the vegetation and habitat types. The annotated checklist contains an entry for each taxon with information on abundance, vegetation type, habitat, representative voucher collection(s), and any additional location or identification notes.

3:30 PM in the Sycamore Room

Post-defense celebration to follow in Johnson's Oval (around 5:30 PM)

Grace Stewart

Botany Program Coordinator

(909) 625-8767, ext. 241