Episode 2

Native Gardening 10FUN

April 4, 2020

California native plants are the perfect choice for home gardeners in California! They can be exquisitely beautiful, are often quintessentially water-wise, support a vibrant web of life and speak to an aesthetic unique to California.

In today's episode, we're going to learn some foolproof native plants to consider in your home garden or landscape. In conversation with Peter Evans, Director of Horticulture at California Botanic Garden, we'll discuss some hardy species and cultivars to consider that can handle brown thumbs while looking absolutely beautiful. We'll also ask members of our Horticulture team about what plants they've found to be fairly indestructible and garden-friendly in their experience cultivating California natives.

Whether you're contemplating adding your first California native plant to your garden or have already converted your entire yard, we hope these insights and ideas provide you with some inspiration to get planting! So much so that we hope you'll browse our Grow Native Nursery's new ecommerce website and purchase some fabulous native plants. During these challenging times, as our society and community grapple with Coronavirus (COVID-19), we're glad to provide access to our native plant inventory for pickup orders. Please visit for california-botanic-garden.myshopify.com for information about placing an order and to make your online purchase!

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