Episode 1

Lo & Behold

March 27, 2020

On our very first episode, we are taking flight, well nearly with Lo & Behold. That's his full name, but we tend to call him Lo, or little owl. Lo is a ridiculously cute great horned owlet who has quite an owldessy. He has fallen out of his nest not once, but twice, and to keep things light in these very challenging times, I'm going to fastforward and say he is safe now and cuddled up with mom in a Cadillac of owl's nests. Thanks to the amazing work and intervention of my colleagues at California Botanic Garden, Lo has been routinely rescued and expertly placed back in increasingly fool-proof nests.

You might be wondering why our California native plant podcast is branching out today on the topic of owls; our native plants provide excellent habitat for birds of prey and excellent habitat for the rodents that they eat. So today we'll be talking with Lisa Pritchard and Ming Posa, our resident owl rescuers and California Botanic Garden staff members who have been secondary parents to little Lo. They check on him everyday and Mom seems to appreciate their incredible help. We'll also talk to Tina Stoner, President of the Pomona Valley Audubon Society on local birds of prey and ways to appreciate and help them in our community.  Finally, we'll meet up with Bob Everett, CEO of Wild Wings of California and discuss bird rehabilitation.

Make a landing at Pomona Valley Audubon Society's site at www.pomonavalleyaudubon.org!

Fly over to Wild Wings of California's site at www.wildwings.org.

RATS, or Raptors are the Solution (www.raptorsarethesolution.org), is a great resource for learning the measures you can take to safeguard birds of prey in your community. No more rodenticide!

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