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California Botanic Garden’s new Bird & Butterfly Garden is all about celebrating the plant and animal interactions that make up our state’s diverse ecosystems, and we want you to get in on the action! In honor of the June “grand opening” of the Bird & Butterfly Garden, CalBG will release several new t-shirts featuring art created by our community members that highlights California native plant and animal interactions. Submit your designs, following the rules below, for a chance to be featured on a limited edition California Botanic Garden t-shirt plus a small cash prize! The contest opens February 23, 2024 and closes at 11:59 PM on March 22, 2024. 

Rules & Guidelines

  1. Up to three winning designs will be chosen. 
  2. Winners will each receive a $150 cash prize and a t-shirt in the size of their choosing. 
  3. T-shirt art must feature at least one California native plant and an animal (bird, insect, mammal, etc.) that interacts with it. Art that features multiple relationships/interactions is also welcome.  
  4. Designs may be rendered in black and white or in color (up to 6 colors max). 
  5. All styles of art/illustration are welcome.
  6. No text is required, but artists are welcome to include text that compliments the interactions featured. (California Botanic Garden will add their logo to the t-shirt sleeve and/or back). 
  7. Designs must be completely original and not utilize copyrighted materials or purchased images.
  8. Designs/art must not be available on any other commercially-available product.
  9. Designs must reasonably fit on the front of a t-shirt. 
  10. Artists under the age of 18 are welcome, but entry must be submitted with a parent/guardian’s contact information.
  11. Current California Botanic Garden staff members are not eligible for this contest. 
  12. Designs must be submitted via the form linked below in .pdf or .jpg form by midnight on March 22, 2024. Only one design per artist will be accepted.
  13. Contest winners must agree to work with the Garden to produce a high-resolution layered vector art file of the design within 7 days of notification and agree to work with the Garden's printer if slight design changes/modifications are necessary for production.
  14. By entering this contest, artists agree that they are the sole and exclusive author and owner of the art submitted, and that if their design is selected for a t-shirt, they grant California Botanic Garden non-exclusive, worldwide, royalty-free permission to use the submitted art in any manner, including all associated uses, reproduction, and distribution.  

Judging Criteria

  1. Accurate rendering of plants and plant/animal interactions.
  2. Visibility and clarity of design.
  3. Originality of style and concept. 
  4. Preference given to artists who are based in California.

Questions? E-mail lstoebel[at]calbg.org.

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