My Butterfly Garden: Children's Activity Box

Become a butterfly buddy and bring the butterflies to your Garden! It’s always exciting to see the vibrant colors and fluttering movement of a butterfly in the garden. With an abundance of native plants, California Botanic Garden provides a beautiful home to the many native species of butterflies of this region, and you can too! By planting native host plants at your home, you can help provide food and shelter for all stages of a butterfly’s life. Help them have a safe place to lay eggs, some tasty leaves for caterpillars to munch on, and some sweet nectar for the adult butterflies to drink.  

Due to current circumstances, we are unable to open our cherished Butterfly Pavilion this year - but we're excited to bring the butterflies to you with this fabulous activity box, complete with native plants and wildflower seeds that will grow into butterfly magnets! This activity box will get you started on creating a beautiful butterfly garden. You will receive three native plant seedlings whose flowers attract adult butterflies, a butterfly mix seed packet, plant labels to decorate, a box of crayons, and a fun-filled butterfly activity book loaded with butterfly and plant knowledge, coloring pages, a butterfly identification key, and tips and tricks for how to care for your butterfly garden. 

Give the garden an extra boost of support while you get your imagination flowing and your body moving with the Butterfly Megabox. In addition to the contents mentioned above, the Megabox will include two extra native plant seedlings, a plush Swallowtail Butterfly Finger Puppet, a set of dress up Butterfly Wings (antennae included), and pollinator Jump Rope for hours of interactive play!

Members receive 15% off their box purchase using the code MEMBER during the checkout process.

Help support our local butterfly populations all while helping to support the California Botanic Garden. Order your Butterfly Garden activity box today! Pick up will be available starting Wednesday, June 24.

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