Meditative Art: Symmetrical Flow Drawing




10 am - 12 pm

Symmetry is when an image is equally balanced on the left and right side. A perfect example in nature is a butterfly.

“Flow” has long been celebrated by artists, therapists , and meditation practitioners as the extreme absorption in a given task. Through flow we can calm our minds, find a sense of connection to the present moment, and achieve artistic mastery.

Slip into artistic flow by studying organic shapes and colors and creating unique pieces of Meditative Art.

Aleta Jacobson is a working artist, instructor, and designer who specializes in creating powerful collage, mixed media, watercolors, and acrylic paintings using a variety of tools and materials. Aleta is inspired by life events, current events, nature, and the environment. Learn more about Aleta’s beautiful work by visiting her website


Member | $45

Public | $50

Important Note About Materials: You will need to purchase and bring your own matierials for this class or you can use the instructor's supplies for a $10 fee. Below you will find a list of art materials. Feel free to contact with any questions that you have about materials.

Supplies for Meditative Art: Symmetrical Flow Drawing on October 28, 2023

Please bring these recommend supplies on the day of class (or you can use the instructor's supplies for a $10 fee)

*Mixed Media paper cut to 5”x7”, cut many so you can really experiment
*Regular Sharpie
*Watercolor brush #4 and #6
*Micron Pen or other waterproof pen
*2 water containers
*Paper towels

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