Growing Waterwise at CalBG: Habitat Gardening for Butterflies




8:30 - 10 am

The delight of watching a butterfly flutter from plant to plant can feel joyful and uplifting or more calming and meditative. One thing is for certain though, butterflies are very important insects in our ecosystems, playing vital roles as plant pollinators. With many butterfly species, like the monarch, becoming threatened and endangered, it is important that we help provide suitable habitats for them wherever possible - and that includes in our home gardens! 

Join us on Saturday, June 17 at 8:30 am as Ashlee Armstrong, Assistant Director of Horticulture at CalBG, walks us through gardening for butterflies! Gain insight into how to best use California native plants in your garden to support butterfly populations, which plant species will provide nectar for adult butterflies or food for caterpillars, and how to maintain those plants year round. With time and a little bit of work, watch as your garden transforms into a butterfly hotspot!


Public $25 | CalBG Members $20

Register today as space is very limited.

Thank you to the City of Claremont for sponsoring this class and other Growing Waterwise at CalBG programming.

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