Growing Waterwise at CalBG: All About Seed Saving




10 am - 11 am

After an incredible spring of flowers, get ready to put your seed saving hat on! By understanding the process of ethically collecting and saving native seeds, you can ensure future generations of the beautiful flowers and plants in your garden.

Join us to learn how to collect, clean, store, and germinate seeds from your garden. With the guidance of Cheryl Birker, Seed Conservation Program Manager at CalBG, get a behind the scenes look of what we do to conserve native seeds through our Seed Bank and what you can do at home. We will focus on the what, when, where and how of seed collecting, understanding how to clean and process seeds in preparation for proper storage, and how to germinate seeds when the time comes. Feel prepared to carry your abundant garden this year into the next, and for many more to come.


CalBG Members | $20

Public| $25

Register today as space is very limited.

Thank you to the City of Claremont for sponsoring this class and other Growing Waterwise at CalBG programming.

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