Flores Coquetas, a creative meditation on plant relations.




9 am - 12 pm

Have you ever had a flower catch your eye? Perhaps flirt with you? Flores Coquetas (Flirty Flowers) is a workshop that centers flower & human relations through meditation, writing and storytelling. The land has always been a witness to our human experience, and speaks to us in many ways. In this gathering, we will explore the language of flowers, embodied ways of knowing & the medicine that exists in building relationships with our plant kin. Participants will leave with a deeper understanding of reciprocity for the lands, people & beings that raise them.

This workshop will be held outdoors under a covered area and will include short, gentle walks to visit the flowers; activities may include but are not limited to: stretching, meditation, journaling, drawing & storytelling. If you would like support on ADA accessibility or accommodations please refer to registrar@calbg.org and we invite you to familiarize yourself with our map of the garden for reference. We are excited to have you! Open to all, limited spaces available.

Workshop will be led in English by Stacey Villalobos, freelance cultural worker and interdisciplinary artist.


Accessible Ticket| $35

Member Ticket | $45

Suggested Price Ticket | $45

Supporting Ticket | $55

A Note About Materials: For this class we recommend that you bring a notebook or sketch pad and something to write with. We will have extra materials for anyone who forgets.

Photos by: Stacey Villalobos

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