California Native Plants for Bonsai [SOLD OUT]




1:00 pm - 2:30 pm

*SOLD OUT: Tickets for California Native Plants for Bonsai are sold out.*

The artform of Bonsai can be traced across several different cultures over thousands of years, from Vietnam to China to Japan. Owing to the fact that it was first introduced to the United States by Japanese immigrants and businessmen here in California, we know the various cultural artforms by the Japanese name "Bonsai", which roughly translates to "Tree in Tray." The goal is to create the illusion of a large, old growth tree or landscape in a pot small enough to sit on a table. This is accomplished through targeted top-growth wiring, root pruning, and many other specialized techniques.

Despite their reputation for being finicky about root disturbance, many California native plant species are well loved within the Bonsai community. Strong, stout coast live oaks, crooked ponderosa pines, and twisted California junipers make appearances at shows and competitions up and down the West Coast. Each species' care is specific, and California native plants provide different challenges and opportunities than the traditional maples, Japanese pines, and Chinese junipers. Join CalBG Horticulturist Rowan Steffey for a class that will go over species viability, demonstrate pruning and wiring, discuss repotting, and describe the timings required for the applications of basic techniques.


$25 Public | $20 Members

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Thank you to the City of Claremont for sponsoring this class and other Growing Waterwise at CalBG programming.

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