Bird Activity Sheet




8 am - 5 pm

We had planned to have Bird Month in February but we can still celebrate our feathered friends in March!

Grab a copy of our new bird activity sheet at the Admissions Kiosk to take along as you explore the Garden - limited quantities will be available. You can also download and print a copy at home for your visit!

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With February being Bird Month at CalBG, what better way to experience the Garden than with a bird themed visit?! Try your hand at solving the riddles and finding the answers posted along the Mesa Loop Trail. Spend some time at our various observation stations and enjoy the act of birdwatching! Don’t forget to see how many bird friendly plants you can spy! Grab a copy of the scavenger hunt at the Admissions Kiosk (limited copies will be available) or download and print out a copy below to bring along on your next visit to the Garden.


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