Behind the Scenes Tour: The Herbarium




11:00 am - 12:00 pm

Did you know that the garden holds more than 1.25 million stored dried plant specimens in an herbarium? Join Administrative Curator Mare Nazaire on a tour as she explores the herbarium's history, its collections, and its importance for the future. This invaluable collection of plants, with both centuries-old and freshly collected specimens, helps scientists to track and monitor species in California and throughout the world. Dr. Nazaire will lead you through this prestigious collection and discuss how an herbarium works.

Please note: The CalBG herbarium is housed on several different floors of a building with no elevator access. Please plan to climb stairs and remain standing throughout the hour long tour. Additionally, because the tour will visit small indoor spaces, we ask that participants plan to wear a mask during their time indoors.


Public $15 | CalBG Members $8

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