Chaparral Fern Project

Saratoga horticultural research endowment

Chaparral Fern Project

Saratoga Horticultural Research Endowment

July Update

July 31, 2020

Summer is in full swing, and we are currently in a heat wave with temperatures measuring 105 degrees in Claremont today, which is expected to continue through the weekend. There are a few updates in the dormancy states of the chaparral ferns - all of the Pentagramma triangularis in both locations (except for one on the east-facing slope that has somehow maintained completely green fronds with water once per week) have gone dormant or will be completely dormant in a matter of days.

On the east-facing slope, the Pellaea andromedifolia that are receiving water every other week have begun to enter dormancy, while those receiving water once per week are still retaining more open, green leaflets. Those that receive weekly water in the well-draining soil in the communities also receive a greater amount of sunlight than those that are receiving water every other week - and it seems that the increased sun exposure has had a greater effect on dormancy than irrigation, as those that are receiving less water do not yet display a state of full dormancy while those that receive weekly water and the most sun exposure are completely dormant.

The Selaginella bigelovii on the east-facing slope is starting to enter dormancy regardless of the watering regimen, while the Selaginella bigelovii that is watered once per week in the well-draining soil in the communities seems to be breaking dormancy while those that receive water every other week at that site, have begun to enter dormancy.  

The Dryopteris arguta, Pellaea mucronata. and Myriopteris covillei are still not displaying significant differences between the groups that are receiving more or less water nor between the two soil types.

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