Grow Native Nursery Member Opening




8 am - 5 pm

Grow Native Nursery opens for members on Saturday, October 16 from 8 AM - 5 PM.

  • 8 AM - 10 AM: Exclusive access for Acorn and Family Plus Member Households (Timed reservation required)
  • 10 AM - 12 PM: Exclusive access for ALL CalBG Member Households (Timed reservation required)
  • 12 PM - 5 PM: Exclusive access for ALL CalBG Member Households (Timed reservation not required)

All members planning to shop between the hours of 8 AM - 12 PM must register for a free timed reservation to enter GNN. Starting at 12 PM, members may check-in to shop for plants without a timed reservation.

Once the sales floor reaches capacity, shoppers will wait at the gate until space is available.

Masks are required - thank you for your cooperation!

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