Eating California! Using Native Plants in your Diet and Garden




11 am - 12 pm

Locally grown foods and low-water landscaping are all the rage right now, but a quick trip to a farmer's market or a commercial nursery will showcase almost no California native plants. You may be surprised that among the more than 6,000 plants native to California, hundreds are not only edible, easy to use and delicious, but great low-water additions to your home garden as well!

Join us virtually on Saturday, March 13 at 11am as native food enthusiast Antonio Sanchez, Nursery Manager of the Santa Monica Mountains Fund, discusses the ancient and emerging field of California native foods and their cultivation. Learning from and paying honor to many living traditions that have been passed down by local indigenous peoples, this unique lecture explores how old ways can combine with new ways to find a place in local gardens and kitchens. Explore some of the many native California plants that you can grow at home and incorporate into your diet.

Please note this class will meet online through Zoom.


Public $25 | CalBG Members $20

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